August 26, 2012

I finally gritted my teeth and looked at the water damage on the forward side of the bulkhead.

It’s ugly.

Rotted beam and headliner forward of the main bulkhead. Centerline is through the metal plate at right.

The beam and headliner have severe rot to the point of being useless. I won’t even be able to through-bolt the partner because of the rot. At this point, my temporary fix will consist of lots of West System, 3/8″ lags, and then a restoration of something solid on other side of the bulkhead.

From the looks of the split in the beam, it’s been there a while. While there’s no wear, the wood appears oxidized – darker – than a fresh split would appear. Also, the leaks around the mast root and subsequent rot in the wood below it seem to have been there for quite some time.

So, one step at a time. Patch the main beam crack. Clear out any rotted material and restore that area. Then, when I can drop the mast, I will replace both beams and the forward section of the headliner.

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